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<p>Shira von Alstede<br/>
(the show mast go on dcv-Lana del rey von Alstede)<br/>
old 12 months</p>

Shira von Alstede
(the show mast go on dcv-Lana del rey von Alstede)
old 12 months

Posted 14 weeks ago
<p>male old 12 months<br/>
for sale!</p>

male old 12 months
for sale!

Posted 15 weeks ago
<p>Soraya  female born 13.2.2017<br/>
(Xeno dcv-Kenia della Andasi)</p>

Soraya female born 13.2.2017
(Xeno dcv-Kenia della Andasi)

Posted 22 weeks ago
<p>Maximus della Andasi old 10 months<br/>
For sale!<br/>
Title …JCAC.JBOB</p>

Maximus della Andasi old 10 months
For sale!

Posted 24 weeks ago
<p>For sale! Male old 8 month<br/>
Born 6.7.2016<br/>
F-Ozren v.d.burg singidunum<br/>
M-Gisele de entre boxer<br/>

For sale! Male old 8 month
Born 6.7.2016
F-Ozren v.d.burg singidunum
M-Gisele de entre boxer

Posted 34 weeks ago